- 2016 EU tour - Mystical Land of Bulgaria

The opportunity to travel because of our own curious need to create wonder, is an absolute blessing. The fact that we then were booked by Multi Kulti Collective to play four shows in Bulgaria feels perfect. When Odysseus Finn first started germinating in 2013 we talked a lot about the importance that folk music has had on our musical lives. One of the most magical songs we geeked out on is called Pilence Pee, a Bulgarian folk song arranged for an elite a ccapella women's choir. We didn't realize that through our seeking our own voice as Odysseus Finn, we would eventually be asked to go on tour through the land we knew so little about-- except that we love the music.

Here are some pictures of our week in Bulgaria with Iliana and Kaloyan of Multi Kulti. We are already looking forward to going back with more time to explore the Balkans, the Black Sea, and the amazing people.